06 May 2006

A Good Day

  • After 2 1/2 years, decided on a license plate.
  • Got to sleep in a bit after several 2-3 hour nights this week.
  • Kids got new church and "wedding" clothes.
  • Got a soft & fuzzy ewe with lamb.
  • Wife (3w3, BoP33p ?) let me go fishing.
  • Sat next to the Shenandoah River (Thanks Tim!) for several hours with no sounds of "civilization."
  • Never did get to a beverage, but everything can't always be perfect.

All in all, pretty good, don't you think?

On The Outside, Looking Out

I don't know how it appears to others, but here's how I describe most of my life and my personal tastes. For a lot of my life, when I've had to make some decision about a direction to take, something new to try, what music to listen to, it seems that I've consciously chosen the option that I thought would be least popular. Not reprehensible; different. Just trying to come up with a unique combination. I've never felt that I fit in very good anywhere or with any particular group. So I would try to make sure that I couldn't fit in.
I don't know how sad that is; it's hard for me to objectively think about. Was it a desperate attempt by some kid to differentiate himself in a sea of conformity? Was it narcissism taken to an extreme? Have I changed yet? Am I trying to make it seem more important than it ever was? Just how fake am I? How can I ever even answer that one?

04 May 2006

Good Bruce, Bad Bruce

Good Bruce:
The River (The. Best. Bruce. Evah.)
Streets Of Philadelphia (The Second Best Bruce Ever)
Thunder Road
Born To Run
The Promised Land
Atlantic City
American Skin (41 Shots) Live
Nothing Man

Bad Bruce:
Bawwwn In The USA
Dancing In The Dark
Tunnel Of Luv
Paaannnk Cadillac

Mediocre Bruce:
Blinded By The Light
Hungry Heart
Glory Days

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