25 November 2010

Latest "milestone" -- my Dr actually said today to not try to lose any more weight.... Inconceivable!! :-)

12 November 2010

Thanks for all of the thoughts & prayers. Mom's doing much better & is even supposed to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

11 November 2010

Thankfully, Mom had an uneventful night. Now it's up to the specialists to figure out why it happened.

10 November 2010

Mom was rushed from the hospital in Farmville to Lynchburg & had a pacemaker implanted. She's ok now, but I'd appreciate your prayers for her.

06 November 2010

Thanks, Comcast, for deciding that Tuesday would be better for us than Monday like you promised. Your customer service is legendary!

Thank you, Mr. Cable Cutter, for the next two days of no internet or tv. Thank you in advance, Comcast, for your speedy 2-day service call.

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