31 August 2010

Incredibly there's no infection yet. We'll have some more involved wound care, but will definitely take that over an infection...

Back to Georgetown ER. Apparently it's impossible for me to not get a post-operative infection. fml


30 August 2010

Lost a whole 0.2 pounds this week! :-) But that does now make an even 77 total.

24 August 2010

Just had last regular f/u w/ the plastic surgeon. All drains out now. Can resume normal activity in 6wks. Everything's looking good!

17 August 2010

Thankfully, the "dive" today went off without any pain, thanks to lots of prophylactic decongestants. But am stuck here all day waiting for a dr appt.

16 August 2010

Had my first "sinus squeeze"reaction to the HBO2. Nothing serious just *extremely* painful. So I'm out of action for the day.

14 August 2010

Good news, and a scare

Can't really recommend syncope. At least we were already at the surgeon for a follow-up, but the residents saying "stroke" didn't help... The HBO therapy does seem to have been successful, both the surgeon and the HBO doc are happy with the healing.

10 August 2010

Just finished the 2nd treatment, have another one in 4 hours. It's still early, but there does seem to be some improvement.

09 August 2010

The complications have started. Just finished 1st hyperbaric treatment, doing 2 tomorrow. Hasn't been draining right again & trying to avoid reopening t

07 August 2010

The GUH emergency room seemed remarkably calm for a Saturday evening. It only took about 3 hours including the time waiting for the plastics resident.

06 August 2010

Surgery went well, if long (6hours). Both surgeons seem pleased. And I'm already back home.

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