01 July 2006

Blogging the Bible

With a tag line like "What happens when an ignoramus reads the Good Book?" it's got to be good, right? Well David Plotz, deputy editor at the online magazine Slate and a "never a terribly observant" Jew, is doing just that. While attending a bat mitzvah, Plotz picked up an English translation of the Torah and started reading. Stumbling onto a story he had never heard before (Dinah, Genesis 34), he decided that "I want to find out what happens when an ignorant person actually reads the book on which his religion is based."

I'll confess that I also haven't read a significant portion of the Bible (or even Plotz's blog). Once upon a time we did start going thru it, but like so many grand projects, it just never got finished.

The kick-off page has his introduction (partially quoted above). So far he's completed the books of Genesis and Exodus. And, of course, there's also a discussion forum.

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