23 March 2008

DC.Ars: the podium finish gauntlet

DC.Ars returns with a new distributed computing challenge. Help Ars Technica's distributed computing project to a top-three finish as the Optimal Golomb Ruler project winds down.
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Our team is Ars Technica Team Beef Roast. If you've never participated in distributed computing, the distributed.net clients are some of the easiest and most stable to use. If you are interested, please leave a comment here, or head over the the Ars Technica Distributed Computing Arcana forum. There are three thread topics specific to this project: Six Months to Glory or Two Months to Shame, [TBR] Viva La Roast! (Perpetual Thread V) and [TBR OGR] [THAWN or others] Gauntlet!. Don't feel that you need to read the entire thread - you can jump to the end (currently at Six Months, TBR or Gauntlet) and ask away!

Update: We have taken third place overall. So the battle has been won, but the war is not yet over. We need to continue our current production levels to hold this position. The Free-DC team certainly has the power to overtake us if we slip.


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